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Ever felt guilty grabbing a coffee in a single-use cup?


That’s what sparked Pandaloo, born from a common dilemma: our love for daily iced coffee versus reducing waste. So, we thought, why not a tumbler that mirrors our individual lifestyles?

Pandaloo tumblers are refreshingly different. Combining clever design with real-world practicality, they're all about ensuring your drink stays just right, while keeping your conscience clear.

Searching for a water tumbler with straw to boost hydration habits? Or perhaps the best reusable coffee cup for your morning commute?
Pandaloo has the solution, helping you embrace a smarter, more eco-friendly way of life.


No more trade-offs between convenience and eco-friendliness. Pandaloo combines practical design
with a touch of sleekness, all while keeping it smart. It's about what works for you and the planet.

βœ” Leak-proof seal

βœ” Shatter-proof glass

βœ” Sustainable materials

βœ” Ergonomic silicone sleeve

βœ” Optimal temperature retention

The idea of Pandaloo was brewed over a morning coffee and a vision for a more sustainable world…

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Hear from our Hydration Heroes

  • R. N.

    The cup comes with two fully metal straws of different sizes, along with two rubber mouthpieces that can be attached to them, and two dedicated cleaning brushes. It even comes with a quality tall drawstring bag for all these parts, which is appreciated. Be sure to wash it effectively & thoroughly, right away after every use. Since I suspect if one doesn't, the metal will rust quickly and the rubber mouthpiece will develop stubborn mold inside, which often happens to the reusable straws of other products.

  • Emma Lessard

    The product came in perfect condition exactly what I expected. I love how it comes with 2 different straw sizes and that it’s metal and 2 different lids allowing for a diversity in the types of drinks you can use it for. It’s exactly what I wanted for ice coffee :)

  • Naye

    Everything about it is perfect, including the straw cleaners and the clear cap is leak proof when you close the hole where you sip from the cap itself and the straw hole. I incorporate this cup in my everyday activities lol also the material is great.

  • Samantha Amason

    I use this everyday! I was looking for something cute and glass for my iced coffee and this cup is beautiful! It comes with a thick straw for Boba/ smoothies and a regular straw both with silicone tips to protect your teeth. It also comes with 2 lids. I didn't think I would use the plastic flip top lid but then I realized this actually replaces 2 other cups for me! I can shake up my protein coffee and drink it in the same cup when before I was using a Mason jar to shake it up then poured it into a cup w/ straw to drink. Now I can just put all the ingredients in this cup snap on the lid and go... it's never leaked on me. I freaking love this cup!

  • Manny R

    I love this glass I think it’s so cute and has the rubber bottom so no noise when you set it down I love it
    Love that I have an option with the two different lids like the lid. I can use at home and then the travel lid the two different straws and you get two straw cleaners I think it’s her full good product especially for the price.

  • April

    I read the reviews and some say this glass leaks, well it does not leak. I bought it for my iced coffee not only is it really cute but I can put my coffee in there and shake it up, no leaks, no problems. The trick is to leave the little straw hole open when you put the clear lid on, push down until the lid is secure then close the spout. I also put my finger over the spout when shaking it up. So glad I bought this.

  • Nadi N.

    Bought this so I could have a water bottle for school I carry it in my hands basically all the time so I can't speak on leak problems, but it's super cute and looks even better in person. I got the green one. it is really glass btw. I keep cold stuff in here and it stays cold for longer than you'd think. I like it.

  • Haley

    These arrived well packaged and really easy to gift. I gifted one and kept one. All of the "accessories" are great-- I love having two lids. The bamboo one has a good silicone base/interior and the straw hole is a soft X (like a fast food lid) so that both bigger and smaller straws fit without clanking around. I love that the clear plastic straw can be used to sip or fit a straw-- and both holes seal closed. I don't think I would hold it upside down full of liquid, but I'm not worried about it generally spilling under normal circumstances. The straws that it came with are quite nice with removable silicone sleeves, but the flexible straw holes also fit all of the straws I already own. Highly recommend

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