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Boysenberry/Autumn Gold - Original Series 2 Pack

$31.99 USD

Sip sustainably and step up your hydration game with our eco-friendly glass tumblers, perfect for your daily escapades.

These tumblers, designed for the eco-conscious and the adventurous, feature a non-slip silicone sleeve and base, ensuring stability and grip wherever you go. And there's more – each tumbler comes equipped with not one, but two lids: a natural bamboo lid for those chill moments at home, and a leak-proof lid for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Whether it's a hot brew or a cold refreshment, your drink maintains its temperature. Available in various colors and including two straws, with one specifically designed for boba, these tumblers are versatile companions for any beverage.

Best of all, they come in a convenient twin pack, doubling the eco-friendly goodness.
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Key Features:

✔ Hot drinks: Keeps your morning brew hot, sip after sip.

✔ Iced coffee: Maintains the coolness of your chilled caffeine fix.

✔ Water: Helps you hit your daily hydration target with ease.

✔ Smoothies or infusions: Ideal for a refreshing, flavorful drink.

“On-the-go” leak-proof lid →
Keeps your drink where it should be – inside your tumbler.

Sustainable bamboo lid →Perfect for an at-home feel, perfect for leisurely sips and relaxed vibes.

Boba straw →Savor your bubble teas with our wider straw, designed for the full tapioca experience.

Standard straw →Just right for everything else – from smooth morning coffees to cool afternoon smoothies.

Borosilicate glass cup →20 oz cup that’s built to last and handle the heat (or cold)!

Silicone sleeve →No-slip grip, guarding your tumbler against bumps and drops.

Silicone base →A cushion against clinks and clatters, keeping your tumbler steady on any surface.

Boysenberry/Autumn Gold - Original Series 2 Pack

Boysenberry/Autumn Gold - Original Series 2 Pack

$31.99 USD

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