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Born from the dilemma of loving both iced and hot drinks but hating the waste, we created a tumbler that's more than just reusable. It's a fusion of practicality and eco-consciousness, tailored for all kinds of beverages, from steamy morning brews to chilled smoothies.

Enjoy the sustainable bamboo lid for a homey feel, and when you
hit the road, switch to the no-spill, leak-proof top.

Our Mission

At Pandaloo, we're not just about glass coffee cups
and water tumblers; we're leading a movement.

Our goal? To revolutionize the way people think
about their bottles and cups. We see a future where
every sip is a step towards a healthier planet.

We're spearheading a shift in the industry towards
sustainability, encouraging our customers to make
choices that matter for the environment.

Consider our tumblers as your call to action for a
lifestyle that values both personal well-being and
global health.

Core Beliefs

● Sustainability:
Our heart beats green. Every product and process is designed to protect our planet.

● Customer-centricity:
Your needs, your lifestyle – that's what drives our designs.

● Quality focus:
We believe in crafting products that endure, standing strong through the daily grind.

● Innovation:
We're always thinking, always evolving, striving to enhance your daily hydration experience in meaningful ways.

Why Choose Pandaloo?

Pandaloo is more than just a sustainable drinkware brand; it's a commitment to a better, more sustainable way of enjoying your favorite drinks – piping hot or icy cold. Our focus on eco-friendly innovation and practical, everyday design makes us the go-to choice for conscious consumers.

βœ“ Eco-conscious livingJoin a community committed to reducing waste with every sip.
βœ“ Daily versatilityOur tumblers fit effortlessly into your lifestyle, whether at home or on the go.
βœ“ Thoughtful designPandaloo prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a seamless drinking experience.

Let’s turn the tide on single-use cups Found what you were looking for?

Pandaloo is all set to be your new hydration companion. Lets make your next sip count for both style and sustainability.

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